PLEASE NOTE: We require that anyone who is not familiar with kayak rescue skills stay close to shore when they are renting our kayaks and paddling on Casco Bay. Click here for more detail on what that means. Casco Bay is a dynamic environment with swift currents, cold waters and heavy boat traffic in areas, so taking safety seriously is paramount. Please be prepared to have a "safety talk" with our staff when you arrive and be aware that we may place limits on where you can paddle based on weather conditions and your experience level. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own safety when renting a kayak. If you'd prefer to paddle with an expert guide, consider our sea kayak tours

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Reservations are not required, but we strongly encourage booking in advance to ensure that a kayak is available when you want one. Book online with a credit card using the blue buttons or call us at 207-370-9730. You have a choice between making a 25% deposit and paying upfront. Click here to read our cancellation policy. 

KIDS: Minimum age for rentals is 7. Our staff may increase the age requirement based on weather conditions and paddling experience. We recommend our guided Family Paddle

DELIVERIES: Free within 10 miles of Portland for multi-day rentals. Add a $30 freight fee per kayak for delivery to islands serviced by Casco Bay Lines. 


*All kayak rentals include paddle, lifejacket, sprayskirt and dry bag.*

Solo Sea Kayaks

(Kayak rescue skills required)
2 hours: $30
Half day: $40
Full day: $55 (+$40 per additional day)
Weekly: $225


2 hours: $45
Half day: $55
Full day: $70 (+$50 per additional day)
Weekly: $295

Book a Sea Kayak

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Wetsuit: $10 per day
PFD/Sprayskirt/paddle: $10 each item per day (free with kayak rental)
Deck compass, nautical charts, other misc. paddling gear: Ask for rates. 

FREQUENT PADDLER CLUB: Repeat customers are eligible to receive a Frequent Paddler Card. Benefits include discounted rentals, invitations to special trips and first dibs at our year-end gear sale. Details here

Free within 10 miles of Portland for multi-day rentals. We'll add a small fee for longer distances or rentals of one day or less. Please make arrangements as far in advance as possible. We deliver to the islands serviced by Casco Bay Lines for a $30 freight fee per kayak. 



We want all Portland residents and visitors to have the opportunity to paddle Casco Bay. That's why our tours and lessons are open to people of all skill levels. 

Photo: Hillary Eggers Photography

Our kayak rentals, however, are generally only available to those with self-rescue skills or those who are content to stay near the mainland within a designated Shore Zone. That means we only allow paddlers who know how to re-enter a kayak after a capsize to venture to the nearby islands.  Anyone who paddles onto the exposed waters of Casco Bay without this knowledge (or someone else who has that knowledge) is taking an extremely high risk. Casco Bay is a potentially dangerous environment due to its very cold waters, busy boat traffic and exposure to the conditions of the Atlantic Ocean (including sudden fog and strong winds). It can be extremely difficult to re-enter a kayak in cold and turbulent water without the proper skills and knowledge. 

You can learn the self-rescue skills required for renting kayaks by taking our Kayak Rescue Clinic or a similar course offered at any other kayaking outfitter. We recommend first taking our  Intro to Sea Kayaking course if you have little kayaking experience. 


We understand that you may need to cancel your rental reservation if your plans change.  As long as you give us 48 hours advance notice, we will offer a full refund on any amount that you have paid.  If you need to cancel within 48 hours of a rental reservation we generally cannot offer any refund, though it may be possible to reschedule your booking for another day. Please do not make a reservation if you think it's likely you will need to cancel. 

CANCELLING DUE TO WEATHER: You will have the option of receiving a full refund if weather conditions are unsafe for paddling. Such conditions could include strong winds, thunderstorms, dense fog or steady rain. However, we typically do not offer refunds on rentals due to overcast skies or light, scattered showers (the seas are often especially calm and pleasant during light rain). We will try to call you ahead of time if we expect conditions to be unsafe and we will offer a choice between rescheduling or receiving a full refund.