Introducing Portland Paddle Punch Cards!

We've been asked by lots of people recently whether Portland Paddle offers a season pass or some discount program for frequent paddlers. Well, now we do. We just returned from the printing company with some spiffy-looking Portland Paddle Punch Cards that will make it easier and cheaper to rent kayaks and SUPs. 

 It works like this: You buy a punch card that entitles you to ten rentals. The price of the card is significantly less than you'd pay if you bought all ten rentals individually. The cards also streamline the rental process. You won't have to deal with cash or credit cards, and our staff will know which boat or SUP you prefer and which size lifejacket and paddle you use. If you call ahead and let us know you're coming, we can even have your boat on the beach for you ready to go.

When you buy a punch card, you have three options:

1) STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD PUNCH CARD: $150 (2 hours max per rental)
2) SEA KAYAK PUNCH CARD: $250 (3 hours max per rental; tandems get two punches)
3) COMBO PUNCH CARD: $200 (5 kayak rentals, 5 SUP rentals)

We're offering punch cards because we know there are lots of people in Portland who want to paddle Casco Bay regularly but don't have access to a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Buying your own watercraft is expensive, and it's not easy to store one if you live in an apartment. And then transporting it to the water can be logistically complicated and physically exhausting. Renting is a good alternative, but the cost of renting for frequent paddlers adds up quickly. Our punch cards make renting cheaper and easier. We're hoping that they'll encourage a lot more people to get out on the water regularly. 

Going for a paddle once or twice a week is a great way to keep in shape and to experience the many different sides of Casco Bay. We'll be open every day until 7 PM, so you can stop by after work for a paddle. You can also use your punch card to take out friends or family. 

A note for sea kayakers: Before you buy a punch card, you should be familiar with some self-rescue skills. See our "Frequently Asked Questions" page for more information about what that means. The gist is that you need to know how to get back in your kayak after a capsize before you paddle a kayak on Casco Bay.