Free Mini-Lesson in SUP Every Day at Crescent Beach State Park


Every Day at 11:30 at Crescent Beach State Park

Stand-up paddling (SUP) is a pretty easy sport to pick up, but we've learned over the years that people tend to fall in love a lot more quickly and deeply with SUP if they start off with some basic instruction. So when we launched our new site at Crescent Beach State Park this summer we wanted to make it as easy as possible for novice paddlers to get some expert guidance.  

So we decided to offer a free mini-SUP-lesson every day at 11:30. The lesson offers just a quick, 15-20 minute overview of the basic strokes and techniques, along with key safety considerations. But it's enough to get a first- or second-time paddler started with confidence. If you enjoy the lesson we'll ask if you want to rent a board for another hour or two, but no pressure -- if you want to call it a day that's fine too! 

Find our table and check in with staff when you arrive for your lesson or rental. 

Find our table and check in with staff when you arrive for your lesson or rental. 

Crescent Beach offers a terrific environment for stand-up paddling -- both for experts and novices. There's plenty to explore along the coastline and advanced paddlers can venture out to Richmond Island or beyond. Remember to dress to get wet. There's a decent chance you'll fall off the board at some point, and you'll need to wade into the water before launching your SUP. If you end up renting a board you might consider renting a wetsuit along with your board -- or at least bringing along a warm synthetic layer. 

WHEN: Every single day at 11:30 AM
WHERE: Crescent Beach State Park (look for our sandwich boards; park entrance fees apply) 
COST: None! Totally free. Optional SUP rentals after the lesson are $25 for one hour or $30 for two hours.