Gear Sale 2018 Starts This Week

We're Selling Lots of Used Kayaks & SUPS!

Our annual used gear sale starts on Tuesday, August 29, and we have lots of boats & boards up for grabs. As usual, we're hoping to sell some of our older gear so we can make room for newer gear next year. Our goal is to always maintain an inventory of high-quality gear for our customers. 

Highlights of the 2018 Sale 

Among the items we're selling are the following. Pricing reflects the item's current condition. 

Polaris 180T Tandem kayak: $800
Tsunami 165 sea kayaks: $500 - $675
Tsunami 160 sea kayaks: $600-775
Focus 155 sea kayak: $700
Neck Elias sea kayak: $475
Tarpon 160 sit-on-top kayaks: $350-450

Bounce paddleboards: $500-$750
NRS inflatable paddleboards: $275-$600

Plus many more kayaks, Harmony PFDs, Werner kayak & SUP paddles, dry bags, wetsuits & more! 

Kayak & SUP Packages

If you purchase a kayak or SUP you have the option of adding on one of the following gear packages: 

Sea kayaks: Carlisle paddle, Seal's sprayskirt, Harmony PFD and NRS bilge pump for $95. 
SUPs: Werner Thrive 95 adjustable paddle, NRS leash, PFD for $140. 


How to Make a Purchase 

To make a purchase please stop by our shop on any weekday, preferably between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. We'll show you what's available. If you like what you see you can walk away with it! If you'd like to try a kayak or SUP on the water for 10 minutes just let us know. 

Please keep in mind that we are generally not a retail operation and most of the year we do not sell gear at all, so some of our staff are not fully trained to speak about all the features of every item we're selling. If you have questions about any item ask for Zack or one of our guides. They can be reached at 

All sales are final and all gear is used. 

The prices are based on an item's current condition, including any dents, scrapes or damage. We do not offer refunds or returns and our staff are not prepared to negotiate prices. Please do not buy an item unless you are sure you are satisfied with its condition and the price. We think we are offering some great deals, but you can also find great deals and at other local outfitters and on Craigslist.