We are now offering daily paddleboard & kayak rentals and regularly-scheduled sea kayak tours at Crescent Beach State Park.

Please note that there is a small fee to enter the park ($6 for each Maine resident, $8 for each non-resident). 

KAYAK & paddleboard RENTALS

The waters along Crescent Beach provide a wonderful environment for a paddle! You'll view the gorgeous coastline from a completely new perspective, get some exercise and glide across the protected waters near the beach looking out for seabirds and seals.

PLEASE NOTE: Maine's coastal waters are cold year-round and feature swift currents, boat traffic and rapidly changing conditions. You are responsible for your own safety when renting. 

Stand-Up Paddleboard Rates 

1 hour: $25
2 hours: $30
3 hours $35
Full Day $55
One week $195

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operating hours

Rentals from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Open Daily in July & August
Saturdays only in September

free sup lessons every day at 11:30 AM

We want to make it easy for you to learn proper technique and safety practices, so we're offering a quick 20-minute lesson every day with one of our skilled SUP instructors. We'll just cover the very basics, so if you want a fuller introduction to the sport consider signing up for our 1.5-hour Intro to SUP lesson at the East End Beach in Portland. 

Kayak Rental Rates 

AGE LIMITS: Children ages 7 and up can kayak with Portland Paddle. Ages 7 through 12 should be in a tandem kayak with an adult. Children 10 and up can SUP with an adult. 

We require most kayakers to stay in the cove adjacent to Crescent Beach State Park. Experienced sea kayakers may roam further, potentially heading to the much more exposed waters along Richmond Island. We have limited kayaks available, so reservations are encouraged. You can choose between tandem (2-person) kayaks and solo kayaks. 

Solo Kayak 1-hour: $25
Tandem Kayak 1-hour: $35
Solo Kayak 2-hours: $30
Tandem Kayak 2-hours: $45
Solo Kayak Half-Day: $40
Tandem Kayak Half-Day: $55
Solo Kayak Full-Day: $55
Tandem Kayak Full-Day: $70

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Guided Sea Kayak Tours at Crescent Beach

The waters off Crescent Beach offer an exciting environment for sea kayaking. While there are protected coves and marshes nearby, there's also plenty of open ocean. You can feel the swell under your boat and paddle near cliffs battered by waves. Within a short paddle there are lighthouses, estuaries, islands rich with history and lots of seals. A guided tour offers a chance to explore this environment accompanied by a licensed Maine guide with a wealth of knowledge about the sport of sea kayaking and the coast of Maine. 

Richmond Island Kayak Tour

$50 per person, $40 for kids 12-16
1:30 PM, Saturdays & Mondays

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Richmond Island is a gorgeous, rugged island with a fascinating history. It's easily viewed from the protected shoreline of Crescent Beach, but much of its coast is fully exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal paddling destination for anyone who wants to get a taste of sea kayaking on open seas. The island is one of the first sites in New England known to be settled by Europeans. After being inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years, English fishermen set up camp there in the 1630s. Today the island is home to a domestic herd of sheep that roam the meadows and coastline, along with deer, bald eagles, horned owls, blue herons, brown hawks and many other animals. 

On this 3-hour tour we aim to reach the shores of Richmond Island and paddle along its coastline until we reach a view of  the open ocean. After stopping on one of the island's beautiful beaches for a brief break we'll take a different route on the return route, looking out for seals, working lobstermen, seabirds and diving osprey. This is a trip suitable for all skill levels. Your guide will begin your trip with a brief sea kayaking lesson and provide you with a kayak well-suited to your experience level and body type. $50 per person, $40 for kids 12-16


Sunset Kayak Tour

$40 per person, $35 for kids 10-16
starts roughly 2 hours before sunset Saturdays & Mondays
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The hours just before sunset offer one of the best times to for sea kayaking on the Maine coast. The sky tends to explode with color and the seas often grow calmer. This trip involves a leisurely paddle and a panoramic view of the sun setting. This two-hour tour is designed for paddlers of all experience levels. We'll paddle along the coastline either towards Higgins Beach or Two Lights State Park and then head far enough onto open waters so that we can feel the ocean swell under our boats and enjoy a panaromic view of the sun beginning to set. 

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