Wetsuits & Drysuits 

NRS Farmer John Wetsuits

We have a large supply of rental wetsuits and a more limited supply of drysuits. These two types of apparel work differently to keep you warm. Wetsuits are designed to warm up a thin layer of water between the neoprene and your skin. Drysuits keep you dry and maintain a pocket of warm air between you and the shell of the suit.

Most people find that drysuits are more comfortable, and they have the potential to keep you much warmer and certainly much dryer.


NRS Farmer John-Style Wetsuits (2.0 mm or 3.0 mm): $10/day

NRS Explorer Drysuits: $25/day ($20/day with a kayak rental)

For information on drysuit sizing visit this page.

NRS Explorer Drysuit