Fort Gorges Status Update

Fort Gorges Status Update

Fort Gorges Status Update 

Fort Gorges has been in the news a lot this past year, and we've fielded inquiries and comments from lots of folks looking for updates. The Army Corps of Engineers has been hard at work over the summer and through the fall making improvements and repairs to the structure.

Used Paddleboard for Sale!


Bounce boards starting at $600

We just received a shipment of shiny, brand new stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), so we're selling off a handful of our older used SUPs. We'll be selling these use SUPS, which go new for more than $1,200, for prices ranging from $600 to $700.  

To make a purchase please stop by our shop on any weekday between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM or by appointment at other times. We'll show you what's available. If you like what you see you can walk away with it! If you'd like to try a SUP on the water for 10 minutes just let us know. For more information about Bounce SUPs, visit the company's website: We are selling all three models that Bounce offers. 

All sales are final and all gear is used. The prices are based on an item's current condition, including any dents, scrapes or damage. We do not offer refunds or returns and our staff are not prepared to negotiate prices. Please do not buy an item unless you are sure you are satisfied with its condition and the price. We think we are offering some great deals, but you can also find great deals at other local outfitters and on Craigslist. 

Looking for a Used Kayak? 
Stay tuned! We'll have some for sale soon. If there's a certain boat you know you'd like to buy let us know and we'll try to let you know when it's available for purchase. 

Free Mini-Lesson in SUP Every Day at Crescent Beach State Park


Every Day at 11:30 at Crescent Beach State Park

Stand-up paddling (SUP) is a pretty easy sport to pick up, but we've learned over the years that people tend to fall in love a lot more quickly and deeply with SUP if they start off with some basic instruction. So when we launched our new site at Crescent Beach State Park this summer we wanted to make it as easy as possible for novice paddlers to get some expert guidance.  

So we decided to offer a free mini-SUP-lesson every day at 11:30. The lesson offers just a quick, 15-20 minute overview of the basic strokes and techniques, along with key safety considerations. But it's enough to get a first- or second-time paddler started with confidence. If you enjoy the lesson we'll ask if you want to rent a board for another hour or two, but no pressure -- if you want to call it a day that's fine too! 

Find our table and check in with staff when you arrive for your lesson or rental. 

Find our table and check in with staff when you arrive for your lesson or rental. 

Crescent Beach offers a terrific environment for stand-up paddling -- both for experts and novices. There's plenty to explore along the coastline and advanced paddlers can venture out to Richmond Island or beyond. Remember to dress to get wet. There's a decent chance you'll fall off the board at some point, and you'll need to wade into the water before launching your SUP. If you end up renting a board you might consider renting a wetsuit along with your board -- or at least bringing along a warm synthetic layer. 

WHEN: Every single day at 11:30 AM
WHERE: Crescent Beach State Park (look for our sandwich boards; park entrance fees apply) 
COST: None! Totally free. Optional SUP rentals after the lesson are $25 for one hour or $30 for two hours. 

5th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday! Paddling Demos, Coffee & Donuts, Free SUP and more...

The Portland Paddle staff! 

The Portland Paddle staff! 

It's time to celebrate the start of our fifth season! Join us for a paddle party this Sunday, June 25. Stop by our shop between 10am and noon to to partake in the following festivities: 

  • Free Coffee By Design coffee and Holy Donuts (10 to noon)
  • Try SUP for the first time for free (10 to 11): If you've never tried stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) our instructors will be on hand offering some pointers and giving you the chance to try it out for 15 minutes. If you like it, you can rent the SUP for a full hour or more.
  • SUP rescue demos (10:30-11:15): Our SUP instructor will show you how to  safely recover from a fall and what to do if somebody you're paddling with can't get back on their SUP. 
  • Kayak rescue demos (11:15-noon): Our kayak instructor demonstrate some techniques used to reenter a kayak after a capsize. 
  • Trip-planning advice (10 to noon): If you're considering a sea kayaking trip on the Maine Island Trail stop by and let us help you plan a route and choose island destinitions. We'll have nautical charts, guidebooks and experienced guides on hand to answer your questions. We can also tell you about the guided multi-day trips we offer. 

In addition to these special happenings we'll also have our usual offerings on Sunday, including a guided sea kayak trip to Fort Gorges, a SUP Harbor Tour, our new Lighthouse & Fort Kayak Tour, and a Sunset Kayak Tour. 

Hope to see you Sunday! 


Free Weekly Early Morning SUP Paddle

Starting on June 13 our SUP instructor Matt Palmariello will lead an early morning paddle from our site at the East End Beach. This weekly gathering is a casual paddle open to anyone with some SUP experience who feels comfortable and confident on a board. This isn't a guided trip, so everyone is responsible for their own safety, but Matt is a terrific instructor and will be happy to share his knowledge of the sport. The group will stay on the water for about an hour and will pick a destination that fits the conditions and participants. 

WHEN: Every Wednesday starting on June 13, 7:00-8:30 (an earlier post said 7:30, but it's 7am for sure!) 
WHERE: Portland Paddle's site at the East End Beach (look for our sandwich board) 
WHO: Anyone who is confident and comfortable paddling a SUP on Casco Bay with a group
COST: Free with your own SUP; $15 to rent one from Portland Paddle ($10 off the usual rate)