Portland Paddle offers kayak classes for all skill levels  taught by American Canoe Association-certified instructors and licensed Maine Guides. Prices include the use of a kayak, though you are welcome to use your own. 

We recommend taking the courses in the progression listed below if you are new to kayaking, but it is fine to skip ahead if you have prior sea kayaking experience. If you have any questions about which course is best for you please call or email us. 

HOW TO BOOK A LESSON: Book online with a credit card using the green buttons below or call 207-370-9730. Pay upfront or place a 25% deposit. 


Intro to Sea Kayaking, Level I

Every other Saturday, 10:00 -1:00
$55 per person

This is the course to take if you are new to sea kayaking. You'll learn all the basics of the sport and leave with the skills and knowledge needed to kayak on protected seas with other paddlers.  Your instructor will get your group started onshore with a brief talk about boats and gear. Then you'll get fitted into kayaks and head onto Casco Bay to learn the essential strokes of the sport. You'll take a brief paddle in Portland harbor and practice strategies for safe paddling in open waters. Your instructor will customize the lesson to work with each students' goals, experience level and interests.  The level 2 class is offered the following weekend and we recommend taking the two courses together.

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Sea Kayaking Lesson & Instruction

Intro to Sea Kayaking, Level II

3 hours, Every other Saturday, 10:00 to 1:00
$55 per person

This course builds on the skills taught in our Level 1 course. If you have some sea kayaking experience you might consider skipping Level 1 and starting here. Once you're familiar with the skills covered in the Level 1 course you're ready to learn how to maneuver your kayak with greater ease and efficiency -- even when you are facing challenging conditions like strong winds or swift currents. This course will help you develop better boat control and teach you how to prepare for paddling on the open waters of the Maine coast. We will paddle to a nearby island to give you some practical experience making a crossing while taking into account tides, currents and boat traffic. We'll end the course with a wet exit, which means you'll capsize your kayak to get comfortable popping out of your boat in the water. You'll leave completely ready for the next course in our progression: The Kayak Rescue Clinic, which will teach you how to reenter your kayak after a capsize. Wetsuits are provided if conditions warrant. 

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Learning Sea Kayak Skills in Portland, Maine

Kayak Rescue Clinic

Sundays 10:30 - 1:30
$52 per person

Getting back into a kayak after a capsize is more difficult than you might expect -- but only if you're not prepared. That why it's important to be familiar with some techniques that enable you to rescue yourself and fellow paddlers if someone accidentally goes for a swim. This course, open to anyone who has sea kayaked at least once before, will give you a chance to learn and practice some of the most tried and true kayak rescues. Portland Paddle (and most sea kayaking outfitters in the U.S. and Canada) will require you to have the skills taught in this course before letting you rent a sea kayak for use on open coastal waters. As with all our courses, your instructor will customize the course to meet with each student's goals and interests. Wetsuits and all necessary gear are provided. Plan to get wet! 

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Mastering a Brace in a Kayak Lesson

Bracing & Edging

Sundays 2-5pm June 10, July 8, August 12, or by request

 $52 per person

Sea kayaks can be incredibly agile, swift and responsive when they are used with proper technique. This course, designed for intermediate paddlers with basic rescue experience, introduces techniques such as bracing, edging and sculling. You'll learn to have greater control of your kayak and you'll become much more prepared for paddling in strong winds and large waves. This course, which usually has five or fewer students, is taught by Portland Paddle's most experienced ACA-certified instructors. Your instructor will also provide opportunities for you to learn about other advanced paddling skills.  $52

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Nautical Chart of Casco Bay in Maine

Ocean Skills Series



February 3, 10 & 17, 


8:30 AM to 11:30                           

$30 per session; $20 for MITA members 


Sign up for all three sessions or choose to register for just one or two. Use the blue button below to register online. 

SESSION I: SEA KAYAK NAVIGATION --  This session will prepare you to navigate through fog, follow the rules of the road when crossing boat channels, and use a nautical chart to plot a course. Gaining familiarity with some basic principles and skills of navigation will make you much more prepared to sea kayak safely and confidently.  February 3, 2018 with Suzanne Blackburn

SESSION II: TIDES, CURRENTS & WAVES -- This session will give you a deeper understanding of how to read the tides, currents and waves of the Maine coast and how to use them to your advantage when paddling. We'll review the dynamics behind the natural cycles and the tools that are available to paddlers to predict them. February 10, 2018 with Suzanne Blackburn

SESSION III: TRIP-PLANNING -- This session is designed to prepare you to use the skills learned in the first two sessions to plan a safe, fun and adventurous paddling trip on coastal waters. We'll talk about what to consider when choosing a destination; the gear you'll need; safety precautions to take before and during your trip; managing group dynamics on the water; and many other topics. We'll also plan a hypothetical trip together.  February 17, 2018  with Suzanne Blackburn

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Rolling a Sea Kayak in Portland, Maine

Rolling a Kayak

2-3 hours. Sundays 2:00 - 5:00, June 17, July 15, August 19 or by request

 $52 per person

 This course will teach you how to roll a kayak -- an invaluable safety skill that's also endlessly fun. We'll spend most of the time in the water mastering a series of techniques that will lead to an actual attempt at the roll. If you haven't rolled by the end of the course, you'll leave knowing what you need to do to get there.  This course, which usually has five or less students, is taught by Portland Paddle's most experienced ACA-certified instructors. You'll also have an opportunity to work on other kayaking skills, such as bracing, edging and alternative self-rescues. This course is limited to students with previous experience capsizing and reentering a sea kayak.

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Paddling past a lighthouse in Portland, Maine

Private Instruction

Our kayaking and SUP instructors are qualified to teach lessons covering a wide range of paddling knowledge -- from advanced skills like surfing and seamanship to more basic skills like how to choose the right vessel and how to turn your boat or board effectively.


Our expert instructors are available for private lessons. A two-hour lesson, which tends to be the best length for many students, costs $110 for one student. Please call us to learn about rates for lessons with different lengths and more than one student. We love sharing our knowledge of paddling and working individually with students to progress their skills.  


Winter Pool Sessions

Sundays, 1/21 & 3/18, 2018


, 2pm -









$25 with your own kayak
$40 if you use a Portland Paddle kayak



Join us at Riverton Pool in Portland to learn and practice essential kayaking skills. Portland Paddle instructors will be present to offer one-on-one instruction on skills including rolling, bracing, rescues, strokes and more. This pool session will not be a formal class, but instead an open-ended opportunity for individuals to work on any skills they would like to learn or improve with the guidance of an instructor. The calm, warm waters of a pool can be an ideal environment for learning. Our pool sessions are also a great way to try out different kayaks, meet other local paddlers and get some paddling experience in the depths of winter. Pre-registration required; space is limited and a course minimum must be met to run. 

Please arrive 20 minutes early. If you are bringing your own boat drive down the fire lane and unload your boat near the pool behind the basketball courts. Someone will open the pool doors by 1:45 so you can carry your boat inside. After unloading your boat please park in the main parking lot. 

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